Christmas in July

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Christmas in July

The Wonder of Christmas – A Poem by Santa Claus

We couldn't be more excited to share with you today a wonderful video sent to us directly from the North Pole. Although it's just past the half-way point to Christmas, we are full of the Christmas Spirit. Not only because we're counting down the days till the festive season, but also because we really do try to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our everyday lives. The optimism, joy and good-will-towards-men feelings that come out especially at Christmas are wonderful ideals to keep in mind the whole year long. With that in mind we have a special treat -…

Christmas Around the World

Celebrate Christmas in Summer: The Aussie Way

A few years ago, my brother skipped town and disappeared to Australia, never to be heard from again. Ok, I’m being over dramatic. He did head off to Australia without having a leaving party, only messages once a month and came home after a year. But that is totally the same thing, right? Ok maybe not but I’m annoyed with him. But why am I so cross with him? He missed Christmas. So when I heard that people in Oz celebrate Christmas in July, I was tickled pink! One of my favourite holidays could be celebrated during the summer? Sign…

Christmas in July

Christmas in July News & Giveaways Video Update

This year, I'm trying to be a bit more proactive in reaching out to my fans and followers. I'm going to start to give a few video updates on what's going on with AllThingsChristmas - and when we have fun or new announcements, share it in a video. I want everyone to know that there's a face behind the site - a Christmas-Obsessed Fan who wants the share the Christmas Spirit All Year! So, for July I have some pretty awesome news. I'm sure by now you know about the All Things Christmas YouTube Channel (and I hope you're subscribed!)…

Christmas in July

Hallmark Christmas in July 2019 Schedule is Here! [Updated June 20th]

UPDATED JUNE 20, 2019 - Edits to the Schedule Did Hallmark Cancel One of it's Christmas in July Premieres? Something fishy is going on with the Hallmark Christmas in July schedule. The official website updated recently and removed 'A Merry Christmas Match' from the line-up. Does this mean that the Premiere has been cancelled? No info from the Press Center of Crown Media. In the meantime, we'll leave this note as the Free Printable Schedule available below now has a minor change: Saturday July 13th Original (on Printed Schedule) 6pm: Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe 8pm: A Merry Christmas Match *Premiere*…