Christmas Around the World

5 Worldwide Christmas Food Traditions You Should Try This Year

Guest Post by Joanna of My Anxious Life I grew up in a Christmas loving household – my Mum has so many decorations, she’s one step away from a Channel 4 documentary. So I’ve always been keen on keeping the Christmas meal fairly traditional – turkey with all the trimmings (yes, even including the sprouts that no-one actually likes). It’s only since I’ve had my own children that I’ve realised just how much work goes into making what is essentially a ginormous blinged up Sunday roast – the kids don’t want to eat half the vegetables and once you’ve spent…

Christmas Around the World

Celebrate Christmas in Summer: The Aussie Way

A few years ago, my brother skipped town and disappeared to Australia, never to be heard from again. Ok, I’m being over dramatic. He did head off to Australia without having a leaving party, only messages once a month and came home after a year. But that is totally the same thing, right? Ok maybe not but I’m annoyed with him. But why am I so cross with him? He missed Christmas. So when I heard that people in Oz celebrate Christmas in July, I was tickled pink! One of my favourite holidays could be celebrated during the summer? Sign…