Christmas Dinner

Plan the perfect Christmas Dinner with these Christmas Menu ideas and perfect recipes for Christmas Mains, Sides and more. Perfect Ham, Turkey or Goose! We’ve got all the recipes for your family meal to be perfect!

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Christmas Around the World

5 Worldwide Christmas Food Traditions You Should Try This Year

Guest Post by Joanna of My Anxious Life I grew up in a Christmas loving household – my Mum has so many decorations, she’s one step away from a Channel 4 documentary. So I’ve always been keen on keeping the Christmas meal fairly traditional – turkey with all the trimmings (yes, even including the sprouts that no-one actually likes). It’s only since I’ve had my own children that I’ve realised just how much work goes into making what is essentially a ginormous blinged up Sunday roast – the kids don’t want to eat half the vegetables and once you’ve spent…

Christmas Dinner

8 Christmas Foods Perfect for Baby Led Weaning (+ 4 to avoid!)

Guest Post by Nicola of The weaning journey you undertake with your little one is one of the most exciting times of parenting. Couple this with Christmas and you've got one very excited Mummy and baby! Whether your baby is six months old or twelve months old, there's plenty of choice out there for Christmas foods for you both to enjoy, and a few you need to be wary of, or avoid all together. With Christmas approaching in a few short weeks, let's have a look at some of the yummy Yuletide delights baby can partake 1. Turkey A traditional…

Christmas Dinner

So, Pumpkin Spice Spam is Real.

I usually don't write an entire blog post about a flavour. Well, I've written about Candy Canes, but I feel like that's a culturally important part of Christmas. And that one time we talked about Oreo Candy Canes, which I have never actually tried. But now I'm bringing you the news about something I know for a fact I will never try. I will go out of my way to avoid, even. I've seen my fair share of parody Pumpkin Spice products over the ages, and some of them are quite funny, I think my favourite being the Toothpaste. Pumpkin…

Christmas Dinner

Best Roasted Christmas Ham Recipes

  Making the perfect Christmas Ham takes a good recipe and some patience, but it's not a difficult task. Follow these recipes below to impress any friends or family, and don't forget to save some for sandwiches afterwards! If you're new to roasting glazed hams, here's a really helpful guide from DeliaOnline, on the basics - including step-by-step instructions with photos. Delia Smith knows what she's talking about, she is also the author of this fantastic Christmas Cookbook - which entirely worth checking out for other basic tips and amazing recipes. Our first Christmas Ham recipe is actually a double-feature…