Christmas Jokes and Stories

Funny Christmas jokes for kids, Christmas Cracker Jokes and more Holiday humour. Classic Christmas Stories, Free eBooks, and Christmas Stories for Children.


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Christmas Jokes and Stories

Commaful & All Things Christmas Short Stories Winners

In the month of December 2019 we sponsored a Creative Short Story content over at Commaful. If you're not familiar with them, Commaful is a site for writers to share short stories, poems, fanfiction, and more. You can learn more on the writer's page. The winning entries (picked from the top-upvoted submissions) were awarded the chance to be featured right here on All Things Christmas, and I couldn't be more excited to share the winning entries. Christmas Short Stories There were dozens of entries, and I read *most* of them, which were extremely creative. In the end I couldn't choose…

Christmas Fun and Games

Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids

One of the best parts of Christmas is laughing at jokes, and playing riddles, especially with children, which is why we created this sheet of Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids Christmas Riddles For Kids If you're looking for some of the best silly Christmas Riddles for kids, we have made a fantastic downloadable sheet with 30+ funny and family-friendly Christmas jokes and Riddles for kids. See a few examples below, and download our free printable jokes sheet, too! These simple jokes make excellent Christmas Riddles for kids, and are fun for children of all ages. Here are a few…

Christmas in July

The Wonder of Christmas – A Poem by Santa Claus

We couldn't be more excited to share with you today a wonderful video sent to us directly from the North Pole. Although it's just past the half-way point to Christmas, we are full of the Christmas Spirit. Not only because we're counting down the days till the festive season, but also because we really do try to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our everyday lives. The optimism, joy and good-will-towards-men feelings that come out especially at Christmas are wonderful ideals to keep in mind the whole year long. With that in mind we have a special treat -…

Christmas Jokes and Stories

Zach’s Quest: A Tale for Christmas Book

Although I actually tend to read quite a few Christmas Children's books to my daughter, I don't usually spend the time to review them on this site - usually because they're very mediocre and formulaic. Most of the Christmas Childrens books I read feature Disney or other cartoon characters and the 'Christmas' aspect of the story isn't the main focus. Not so with Zach's Quest: A Tale for Christmas, where the plot is unique, and the adventure is exciting! Author Matt Dragovits takes a new elf themed tale and adds in a splash of Faith to make a story that's…