Christmas Crafts

Make your own decorations this Christmas with fun Christmas Crafts. Decorate your home or enjoy quality time with the family with these easy Christmas crafts for kids!

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DIY Christmas Home Decor & Gifts

5 Unusual gifts for this Christmas Holiday

The holidays are fast approaching, which means that it is finally time to start planning for the gift-giving season. Is it too early to start preparing? Of course not! It’s never too early to start planning. Not only will it make the shopping process a lot more stress-free, but it will also help you budget accordingly so that you can effectively avoid any last-minute shopping. Plus, the holiday season is long. There are lots of celebrations in between that require gifting. As such, it’s never a bad idea to have an array of gift ideas for your loved ones. To…

Christmas Crafts

Magical Memory Making with Christmas Crafting

Guest Post by Maggy of RedTedArt One of the best ways to ways to create lasting memories is family friendly crafting! Even younger kids will enjoy making easy Christmas crafts when they share this experience with loving family members. We share here number of Christmas crafts to make magical memories with kids! Some of the basic supplies needed for these crafts: Construction paper Glue Stick Scissors Marker Corks Paper rolls   Take a look at an individual craft projects for specific materials related to that craft. Pop-up cards are truly magical! It’s amazing how you can make an amazing effect…

Christmas Crafts

DIY & Daily December Journal Through The Holidays

Guest Post by Stacy Zant You are sitting by the warm fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate looking over the memories you created this Christmas all documented in this beautiful work of art in your hands. You look to your left and your right and wonder if anyone sees the look of wonder in your eyes and then a smile bursts on the corner of your lips. You took the time to embark on a journaling journey that would make you dream, reflect and work towards a plan to dedicate yourself to the process of journaling each day in…

DIY Christmas Decor

How to Wrap (almost) anything for Christmas

So, have you even started all your shopping? Or maybe you're one of the organised ones and you've actually finished? The best part of the gift-giving season (besides all the happy faces on Christmas morning of course) for me, is wrapping the Christmas gifts. There's something pretty magical about listening to Christmas Music while you go through all the items you've bought and intend on giving. But, sometimes you get an item that just doesn't fit in a box, or just wouldn't look good covered in paper. Here are a few tips on wrapping that you might not of though…