Christmas Fun and Games

Portable North Pole Review & Giveaway

I am simply amazed at how much Christmas has changed from when I was a kid. I remember meeting Santa Claus maybe once or twice in my life - we didn't even go to the mall every year to give him our lists, we simply mailed them and hope for the best. Now, Santa Claus has a fancy App that lets Children received personalised messages strait to their home! Lydia was lucky enough to test out the PNP (Portable North Pole) App and here's her reaction and review.  What is Portable North Pole? For the Kids: It's an App…

Christmas in July

Christmas in July News & Giveaways Video Update

This year, I'm trying to be a bit more proactive in reaching out to my fans and followers. I'm going to start to give a few video updates on what's going on with AllThingsChristmas - and when we have fun or new announcements, share it in a video. I want everyone to know that there's a face behind the site - a Christmas-Obsessed Fan who wants the share the Christmas Spirit All Year! So, for July I have some pretty awesome news. I'm sure by now you know about the All Things Christmas YouTube Channel (and I hope you're subscribed!)…