A few years ago, my brother skipped town and disappeared to Australia, never to be heard from again. Ok, I’m being over dramatic. He did head off to Australia without having a leaving party, only messages once a month and came home after a year. But that is totally the same thing, right? Ok maybe not but I’m annoyed with him. But why am I so cross with him? He missed Christmas. So when I heard that people in Oz celebrate Christmas in July, I was tickled pink! One of my favourite holidays could be celebrated during the summer? Sign me up! So how can you pull off the perfect Christmas in July? Read on to get the lowdown on how to make that happen.

Christmas in Summer

Get the Barbeque Out

Christmas Day falls on 25th December which is the middle of the Australian summer, it’s boiling down there! The heat means that you could have a barbeque with seafood and prawns, or you could have a traditional English Christmas dinner meats served cold. Personally, I would choose the barbeque and the seafood with some cold jellies and jams to help give a Christmas feeling.

Fake It All

If you normally get a real tree and real snow fall, you are going to have to fake it. A little plastic tree with some fake snow can help give the impression that it is really Christmas. One of the great things is you don’t need the lights, the sunshine and some glitter ornaments can give the impression that the twinkly lights are on. And instead of having the lights switched on, save on the electric bill with some solar lights and candles instead.

Christmas in Summer

Decorate The Garden

If you normally go all out on the Christmas decorations inside, turn this on its head and decorate the outside. As soon as spring has sprung, garden centres are packed with pretty lights and bits to make the outside pretty. With a bit of creatively, you can create a tropical Christmas garden. Solar lights can be put up with mirrored pieces to give the illusion of sparkling snow. You could even put some crushed glass on top of the soil, not only does it look like snow, it will stop snails and slugs getting to your precious plants.

Give to Charity

Christmas seems to bring out the best in people so Christmas in July is a great excuse to get your charity pants on and give a little too. The great thing about this is the weather. During warmer weather, you are more likely to offer to help out so why not focus your efforts on helping some local charities. During the summer, charities will be looking to fix up buildings and getting their repairs sorted before the colder months round around again. But make sure you go in a Santa hat or reindeer antlers so that they know that it is part of your Christmas in July celebrations.

Christmas in Summer

Get the Family Involved

Christmas is about more than just presents, it is about family. Having Christmas in July is a great excuse to get the family around to exchange small gifts and spend some time together. I don’t know about your family, but if I told my lot we were doing Christmas in July, they would be all over that! Plus, getting the family involved means you can have even more fun and games.

About the Guest Author

Lindsay is a blogger and author who loves Christmas and doesn’t need an excuse to celebrate it. If you can check out her blog over at https://www.lattelindsay.com or you can get a copy of her book, Newtownards in the Great War, the perfect gift for Christmas in July.