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Christmas isn’t the only time to Celebrate. We post year-round and are happy to feature amazing Craft, Recipe, Lifestyle and Home Decor ideas for any Special Occasion. We love to share the best inspiration for you to enjoy all the wonderful Holidays every year has to offer, all year round.


Spring Holidays

If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Easter or just looking for ideas to do a good Spring clean, you’ll find something! We even write about lesser-known Holidays like Waffle Day. Check out our newest articles below for the most recent Spring Holiday featured content.

Summer Holidays

Isn’t summer a time to celebrate, regardless of Holidays or not? But aside from Family Vacations and Beach Trips, there’s lots of fun Holidays to celebrate in the Summer. From Father’s Day, to Fourth of July, there’s even National Watermelon Day!

Fall Holidays

Some of our favourite Holidays land in the fall. Aside from the dreaded Back to School (which is the very opposite of a Holiday for some), it all starts with the celebration of the start of Autumn. Then, we’ve got Thanksgiving (Both USA and Canada), and Halloween! We don’t let these fun celebrations be overshadowed by our Love of Christmas.

The best Holiday Decor, Recipes, Craft, Activity and Gift ideas for all year long on All Things Christmas.

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Christmas News

Unwind between Christmas and New Year

So - you've made it through Christmas - the turkey's been eaten and the Family has been visited, by now we're all ready for a proper holiday. Sometimes, the week between Christmas and New Year can come and go and you don't feel any better off, or rested, even if you had time off work or away from the pressures of hosting, travelling or visiting others. Here are some tips for making the most of your well-deserved downtime during the holidays. Get Some (Good) Sleep One of the small luxuries of the winter break is being able to sleep in…

New Years

Best Movies to Catch Up with Friends and Family in the New Year

Even in the gloomiest of times, the New Year can bring joy and hope to multitudes of people. It is easier to forget your worries when you are hanging up. The first few day days of January brings families together as they enthusiastically take part in a fresh new start. To spend more time all together as a family over any remaining time off, why not extend the joy and togetherness a bit longer? Christmas movies are lovely for any time of the year, but take on an exceptional value in the winter. With heart-warming scenes and happy endings, they…

New Years

Casino Royale Themed New Years Party Tips

If you are thinking in terms of organizing a family gathering for Christmas or New year, even if just a small-scale poker night, it is of pivotal importance to set the fun tone and the right ambiance for the party. We have come up with unique fun party ideas including themed party food and decoration to make your party extra special and be the talk of the town. Make sure you follow some of the amazing party ideas discussed below to add a dash of fun and excitement to your usual game nights and enjoy an unforgettable night of exciting…


7 Most Popular Flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day in 2020

Mother’s Day has become a time-honored tradition in America dating back to 1906. It was created by Anna Jarvis to celebrate motherhood. Though everyone’s Mother’s Day traditions vary a little it has always been customary to give mom gifts such as flowers on her special day. With Spring in the air and so many flowers blooming, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to send your mother a thoughtful bouquet. Continue reading to learn the seven most popular flowers for mom on Mother’s Day in 2020. Choosing Flowers for Mom Most people just choose flowers based on how they look and…