Vintage Christmas Decorations

There’s something about Vintage Christmas decorations, and the traditions from the past that give us an extra special feeling around the holidays. Wether you grew up in the 1950s and remember Bing Crosby on the radio, or the 1960s and listened to Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree. Maybe your parents, or even Grandparents share with you the nostalgia of Vintage Christmas decorations on tinsel-covered trees.

If you’re looking to revive that Vintage Christmas feeling we’re here to help. We’re obsessed with Vintage Christmas decorations, and want to relive the golden years of Christmas’s past.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

It starts with the iconic Vintage Christmas baubles and Classic Christmas ornaments. Mercury glass, flocked or plastic the best Christmas Ornaments from the 1950s and 1960s are featured here on our site. Find your favourites and get inspired to decorate your tree!

Vintage Christmas Trees

Have a look through all the amazing Vintage Christmas tree inspiration, Vintage Christmas tree photos from the 1940s and 1050s, we’ll feature new vintage christmas photographs and we find them and love to share on our Facebook and Social media pages.

Vintage Christmas Decor

Browse all of our inspiring articles about our favourite design ideas from Midcentury Modern, to Rustic Vintage and Farmhouse Vintage Christmas decorating schemes. Something to suit all tastes, and to bring back the best memories of our favourite retro Christmas decorations.

Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas on All Things Christmas


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Christmas Home Decor

Stunning Vintage Christmas Trees & Village

One of the best things about running a Christmas Community is being able to see Christmas decorations from people all over the world. Every now and again someone will share a few photos that really blow you away, and recently I had the pleasure of seeing some photos of the decorations by the Joyce family and could not resist sharing them. To start with, there are about 20 trees, but Thomas tells me that sometimes they put up over 30. "There’s always the family tree with family heirloom ornaments. That’s the main tree. There’s the horse tree, Hallmark tree, farm…

Christmas Decorations

Best of Norman Rockwell Christmas Vintage Art

There's something about the rosy faces, the timeless decorations and the nostalgia that makes Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings one of the most iconic of the season. We just can't help having that warm happy vintage Christmas feeling whenever we see the realistic, and yet still cartoonish, paintings from this mid-century artist. Here we put together a few of our favourite Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings, and the best of his amazing vintage art for the holidays. One of the most famous and iconic scenes created of Norman Rockwell christmas paintings is this one of a family arriving at Grandma's House for…

Christmas News

Awesome Retro Vintage Christmas Cards

When it comes to nostalgia, Christmas has every season beat. If you absolutely love Vintage Christmas Cards (first, check out our Free Victorian Santa Claus Cards, but then) check out these These amazing New Retro Vintage Christmas cards designs by Retro Christmas Card Company. I'm seeing these designs pop up all over Facebook, and with good reason! These bright colourful new mid-century modern Christmas cards invoke not only the happiness of Christmas's past, but bursting with bright colours, a sense of happiness and celebration that some cards are simply lacking these days. The vintage Christmas cards are designed in-house and…

Christmas Tree Decorations

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations & Retro Ideas

When looking at a Vintage Christmas Tree or traditional Christmas tree decorations, we think back to the Christmases of our childhoods. For lots of people this nostalgia is at the very heart of their spirit of Christmas, and is a major part of their Christmas Traditions. We have below some of the best examples of Vintage Christmas Tree decorations, and Vintage Tree inspiration so you can recreate your favourite Traditional Christmas Tree from the past and be the center of your Vintage Decor at Christmastime. Below you'll find the ornaments, trimmings and decorations that will make your tree just like…