Christmas Fun and Games

The Best Gift for Gamers & Win an Xbox Game Pass

Recently, my five year old daughter has started playing Video Games on a proper console (not just apps on her tablet). She has watched my husband play several versions of Zelda, and just started to play some of the Lego Video games as well. I'm constantly impressed at the appeal of video games to kids, and adults - it's such a popular Hobby! Video Games are one of the most Popular item to give for Christmas, so instead of picking up just one or two games, why not give your Gamer more than 100? So if you have a 5…

Christmas News

Fun Christmas Fashion: Opposuits Feature & Giveaway

By now you certainly have seen these whimsical suits around. Not just for Christmas, Opposuits has been creating amazing, wacky and whimsical clothing for all occasions, but their Christmas Suits are particularly awesome. Maybe you love the Ugly Christmas Sweater aesthetic, or maybe you're just excited to wear a unique ensemble to a Christmas Party - either way Opposuits have been making these unique and trendy suits for you to enjoy. Now, you can win one of your own! Perfect for a party, alongside some of these delightful Christmas Accessories It's not just for men - there are options for…

Christmas Around the World

Inside Harrods Christmas World

When it comes to Christmas in London, the department stores go all out, especially Harrods Christmas World. Launched in early September every year, it might not be the first (that honour goes to Selfridges Christmas Shop). Multiple Rooms decorated for the Holidays, lots of beautiful Christmas Trees, and dozens and dozens of Harrods-themed ornaments to choose from, it is by far our favourite Christmas Shop in London. We made a special trip to take lots of photos to share with you, and we'll be giving away a Harrods-themed gift (read more at the end of this post). Without further adou,…

Christmas Around the World

Inside Selfridges Christmas Shop & Giveaway!

Last week, it was announced that Selfridges Christmas Shop opened, amidst a bit of controversy (it being August and all). But for some, this was delightful news, and a welcome start to the Holiday Season (yes, even in August). Since we're based in London we promised our fans we would go have a look, and here's our exclusive tour of inside Selfridges Christmas Shop. \ Stick around to the end, coz we have a great Giveaway for our readers! Selfridges is one of the most prestigious department stores on Oxford Street, and it's historical facade is gorgeous. The Christmas Shop…