How Halloween is Celebrated in North America, England and Scotland

My second favourite holiday of the year, hands down, is Halloween. Second only to Christmas, of course. I'm going to use my own personal experiences to describe how I celebrated Halloween growing up near Toronto, Canada.  These may vary for each person, or regions, I'm sure they probably do something completely different in Quebec so don't take this as law. As Canadian and American Halloween tend to be very similar, I've titled this section: Celebrating Halloween in North America Costumes & Parties The most important aspect of Halloween (unless you ask a Child, they'll probably say the candy), is the…

Christmas Decorations

Country Living Christmas Fair London 2018

Just a few mere weeks after moving to the UK in 2016 I found myself just a block from my new house at the Country Living Christmas Fair - and it helped me adjust to this new culture, and this new City. Now, an annual tradition - I'm happy to share with you some of my favourite booths and decorations from the fair itself. This year, I even took part in THREE Crafting workshops (and will share the awesome how-to's in an upcoming post. First, here are some of my best and most favourite photos from the event, which is…

Christmas Around the World

Christmas in London: Inside John Lewis Christmas Shop 2018

Living in London means that I have access to some of the absolute best Christmas Shops, every year lots of high-end department stores dedicate a portion of their stores entirely to Christmas and each year it gets better and better. Last year John Lewis impressed me with it's Opposuits, and Personalised Gummies. So far this year Selfridges was the first Department Store shop I've visited, but wanted to make a special trip to John Lewis too. I was really wowed with the updates to the John Lewis Christmas Shop this year. Unlike some stores that basically use the same set…

Christmas Around the World

Christmas at Royal Albert Hall London 2018

During one of the hottest weeks of the year so far, The Royal Albert Hall has announced its Christmas Schedule - now booking for 2018. Christmas at Royal Albert Hall includes annual traditions and a few new favourites. London Christmas shows available for the whole family, and of course The Nutcracker. See below for more details on the featured programming for Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall in London 2018. Some traditions are not worth missing out on. Christmas at Royal Albert Hall production of The Nutcracker is one of them. This year it will be better than ever. Birmingham…