Last week, it was announced that Selfridges Christmas Shop opened, amidst a bit of controversy (it being August and all). But for some, this was delightful news, and a welcome start to the Holiday Season (yes, even in August). Since we’re based in London we promised our fans we would go have a look, and here’s our exclusive tour of inside Selfridges Christmas Shop. \

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Selfridges is one of the most prestigious department stores on Oxford Street, and it’s historical facade is gorgeous.Selfridges Christmas Shop on

Selfridges Christmas Shop on

The Christmas Shop is located on the 4th floor, once you take the escalators up you’ll be greeted with a set of wonderful Selfridges Christmas shop Ornaments-decorated Christmas Trees.

Selfridges Christmas Shop on AllThingsChristmas Selfridges Christmas Shop on AllThingsChristmas
Selfridges Christmas Shop on AllThingsChristmas

Adorned with Union Flag ornaments which you can also buy, it sets the tone for for the offerings currently available – Christmas in London.

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