Outdoor Decorations & Christmas Lights

Christmas Past, Present & Future of Christmas Lights

Everyone wants their home to look festive but also unique during the Christmas period; pulling out the same Christmas decorations year after year can feel boring and old-hat. This year, Festive Lights have looked at the trends we’ll see in homes around the world this festive season, thinking about new technology, modern looks and the classic looks that endure year after year. Christmas Past – Traditional If a more traditional Christmas is still your thing and you’re not looking to splash the cash on new decorations every festive season, don’t worry as the classic Christmas trends will never go out of style.…

Christmas Around the World

Inside Harrods Christmas World

When it comes to Christmas in London, the department stores go all out, especially Harrods Christmas World. Launched in early September every year, it might not be the first (that honour goes to Selfridges Christmas Shop). Multiple Rooms decorated for the Holidays, lots of beautiful Christmas Trees, and dozens and dozens of Harrods-themed ornaments to choose from, it is by far our favourite Christmas Shop in London. We made a special trip to take lots of photos to share with you, and we'll be giving away a Harrods-themed gift (read more at the end of this post). Without further adou,…

Christmas Decorations

Outdoor House Christmas Light Displays

Which Christmas Light Display do you like best? There's always one 'Crazy Christmas House' on the block, or maybe you prefer something a little more subtle. In this list we go over several different outdoor Christmas light options, and how to get the perfect look for your style. Lets start with something a little subtle. Although this design/style is very simple, there are a lot of perfect touches and a lot of hard work. The all-white theme covers all of the windows and rooftop edges. Just a few more thousand bulbs and this wouldn't be too different from The Griswold's.…