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Christmas in London: Inside Selfridges 2019

It's become a bit of an annual tradition. Selfridges opens it's 'Christmas Shop' (or, maybe just enough displays to qualify as a Christmas Shop) in late July / Early August - and all the newspapers start the annual uproar about Christmas Creep. Another annual tradition is for me to go visit the shop, and take photos to share with everyone who can't manage to make it to London themselves. Selfridges Christmas Shop in London For those of you who don't know, Selfridges is a major upscale department store on Oxford Street in London. It's a become well known for being…

Christmas Around the World

Christmas in London: Inside John Lewis Christmas Shop 2018

Living in London means that I have access to some of the absolute best Christmas Shops, every year lots of high-end department stores dedicate a portion of their stores entirely to Christmas and each year it gets better and better. Last year John Lewis impressed me with it's Opposuits, and Personalised Gummies. So far this year Selfridges was the first Department Store shop I've visited, but wanted to make a special trip to John Lewis too. I was really wowed with the updates to the John Lewis Christmas Shop this year. Unlike some stores that basically use the same set…

Christmas Around the World

Inside Selfridges Christmas Shop 2018

It's becoming a bit of an annual tradition for me to try and visit as many London Christmas Shops as possible, last year I visited Selfridges, John Lewis and of course, Harrods. I thought I'd keep it going and started with the first of the season - Selfridges. I have to say that I was rather impressed this year. Last year the first set up they had was merely more than a few (poorly) decorated trees and a couple of tables. This year, from the outset they have their full Christmas Section up and roaring. Decorations, Lights, Garlands, Games, Toys,…

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Inside Spirit of Christmas Banff 2018

I have been to a Christmas shop in nearly every city I have ever visited. From Edmonton to Edinburgh, I've even been to Bronner's (the Largest Christmas Store) twice,  but none can compare to my favourite Christmas Shop in the world, The Spirit of Christmas in Banff, Alberta. The magical setting amongst the snow-covered mountains (which due to wildfire smoke, were hardly visible when I visited this year), the huge, almost antique-feeling interior (if there was ever a Christmas version of  the TARDIS phrase 'Bigger on the Inside' this would be it), makes this one of the best shops - let…