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Christmas Past, Present & Future of Christmas Lights

Everyone wants their home to look festive but also unique during the Christmas period; pulling out the same Christmas decorations year after year can feel boring and old-hat. This year, Festive Lights have looked at the trends we’ll see in homes around the world this festive season, thinking about new technology, modern looks and the classic looks that endure year after year. Christmas Past – Traditional If a more traditional Christmas is still your thing and you’re not looking to splash the cash on new decorations every festive season, don’t worry as the classic Christmas trends will never go out of style.…

Christmas Around the World

Inside Selfridges Christmas Shop 2018

It's becoming a bit of an annual tradition for me to try and visit as many London Christmas Shops as possible, last year I visited Selfridges, John Lewis and of course, Harrods. I thought I'd keep it going and started with the first of the season - Selfridges. I have to say that I was rather impressed this year. Last year the first set up they had was merely more than a few (poorly) decorated trees and a couple of tables. This year, from the outset they have their full Christmas Section up and roaring. Decorations, Lights, Garlands, Games, Toys,…

Christmas Decorations

Best of Norman Rockwell Christmas Vintage Art

There's something about the rosy faces, the timeless decorations and the nostalgia that makes Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings one of the most iconic of the season. We just can't help having that warm happy vintage Christmas feeling whenever we see the realistic, and yet still cartoonish, paintings from this mid-century artist. Here we put together a few of our favourite Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings, and the best of his amazing vintage art for the holidays. One of the most famous and iconic scenes created of Norman Rockwell christmas paintings is this one of a family arriving at Grandma's House for…

Christmas Decorations

Best Candy Christmas Tree Ideas

If you're looking for some inspiration for a Candy Christmas Tree, here are some Sweet examples. These wonderful and whimsical trees are the perfect alternative to a traditionally dressed Christmas Tree design, and especially if you have kids or candy fanatics in your house, adds a sense of wonder and magic for your holiday. Check out our favourite Candy Christmas Tree ideas below! Gingerbread Tree How great is this? With just a few Gingerbread house, men and candy-themed accessories (we LOVE the ribbon!) you can have a sweet-looking tree in a snap! The houses could be a fantastic Craft Project…