Everyone wants their home to look festive but also unique during the Christmas period; pulling out the same Christmas decorations year after year can feel boring and old-hat. This year, Festive Lights have looked at the trends we’ll see in homes around the world this festive season, thinking about new technology, modern looks and the classic looks that endure year after year.

Christmas Past – Traditional

If a more traditional Christmas is still your thing and you’re not looking to splash the cash on new decorations every festive season, don’t worry as the classic Christmas trends will never go out of style. Here are the best for this year:

Cosy Cabin

If you feel you’ll struggle to keep to the minimalist look of the Bright White trend this season, make your own twist on it by pairing your crisp whites with gold and red baubles on a fresh spruce tree for a cosy cabin feel. Throw in flickering candles and warm woollen blankets for a look that’s hygge-inspired but traditional.

Christmas Past, Present & Future of Christmas Lights

Woodland Inspired

Woodland creatures are often seen as the emblems to Christmas: the sleek fox, the bushy-tailed squirrel and the little robin redbreast. Not only is this a trend that’s endured through the years on Christmas cards and Christmas home décor, but it’s one that will prove to be popular this year and in many to come. Find little ornaments you can perch on your Christmas tree branches or do some DIY from cards from previous years to create unique displays for your walls.

Christmas Present – Modern

Energy Saving LEDs

You can’t deny that energy-saving LED Christmas lights are here to stay. Gone are the days when electricity bills would shoot through the roof as December 1st hit; nowadays, you can create huge light displays that won’t even impact your end of month bill. Not only are LED Christmas lights more efficient, but they’re also safer than the old-fashioned bulbs we used to hang on trees. As they don’t get hot to the touch, the risk of fire or burn out is far lower.

Rainbow Decorations

In terms of colour for Christmas 2018, it’s impossible to choose a single colour scheme that will be popular as we’ll be seeing them all! Tree lights and baubles, table top decorations and centrepieces, even wreaths and garlands will be in all shades of the rainbow, and often at the same time.

Mixing up your strands of Christmas fairy lights so you’ve got different hues across your tree will make a huge impact, but you can even get a taste with brightly coloured baubles from high street stores, Christmas tree lights that come in various shades on one strand, or getting crafty with some spray paint and your old, tired decorations.

Christmas Past, Present & Future of Christmas Lights

Bright White

In contrast to the rainbow trend, we’ll also see some homes go entirely the other way with bright white minimalist Christmas decorations. As people look to declutter in the run-up to the New Year, sprinkles of pure white snow, crisp white tinsel and sparkly white baubles will decorate homes.

Christmas Future – Brand New Technology

Twinkly – App Controlled Christmas Lights

Why wait for Christmas decorating technology of the future when, in fact, it’s already here? This year’s big hit is bound to be Twinkly – a range of app-controlled Christmas lights which are set to revolutionise the Christmas market. Using either your iOS or Android device a simple, smart app allows you to change not only the colour of the individual lights on your Christmas tree but also the pattern and effects the lights will play.

Christmas Past, Present & Future of Christmas Lights

This gives you the ability to design your own bespoke lighting display and, even better, change it at your whim without needing a ladder and getting tangled in the various strings of lights.

In the UK, the Twinkly collection is currently exclusive to Festive Lights, with prices beginning at £49.99 for a set of Smart App controlled Twinkly lights.

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