Christmas Decorations

How To Dry Orange Slices for Budget Christmas Decorations

Guest Post by Sam of Dove Cottage Looking for a fun craft to get you in the festive spirit? Want to get your home Christmas-ready on a tight budget? Well you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve got the perfect post for you! The ultimate Christmas craft that cannot fail to get you feeling festive: drying your own orange slices. I usually do this a couple of times in the run up to Christmas, and it’s so much easier than you think. Not only does it give you a beautiful decoration for literally pennies, it’ll fill your kitchen with…

Christmas Music

Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Podcasts

When trying to find a the best Christmas Podcast we searched high and low. We listened to a lot of really bad podcasts, and ultimately we found the best Christmas podcasts, and want to share them with you here. This is by no means a complete list of all Christmas podcasts, but this is our recommended list, and we hope you'll enjoy these as we head into the holidays. Updated for 2019 First I should thank Brian Earl of Christmas Past who gave me some wonderful suggestions to add to the list. This is one of our most popular articles visited,…

Christmas Home Decor

Stunning Vintage Christmas Trees & Village

One of the best things about running a Christmas Community is being able to see Christmas decorations from people all over the world. Every now and again someone will share a few photos that really blow you away, and recently I had the pleasure of seeing some photos of the decorations by the Joyce family and could not resist sharing them. To start with, there are about 20 trees, but Thomas tells me that sometimes they put up over 30. "There’s always the family tree with family heirloom ornaments. That’s the main tree. There’s the horse tree, Hallmark tree, farm…

Christmas Decorations

Best of Norman Rockwell Christmas Vintage Art

There's something about the rosy faces, the timeless decorations and the nostalgia that makes Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings one of the most iconic of the season. We just can't help having that warm happy vintage Christmas feeling whenever we see the realistic, and yet still cartoonish, paintings from this mid-century artist. Here we put together a few of our favourite Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings, and the best of his amazing vintage art for the holidays. One of the most famous and iconic scenes created of Norman Rockwell christmas paintings is this one of a family arriving at Grandma's House for…