It’s becoming a bit of an annual tradition for me to try and visit as many London Christmas Shops as possible, last year I visited Selfridges, John Lewis and of course, Harrods. I thought I’d keep it going and started with the first of the season – Selfridges.

I have to say that I was rather impressed this year. Last year the first set up they had was merely more than a few (poorly) decorated trees and a couple of tables. This year, from the outset they have their full Christmas Section up and roaring. Decorations, Lights, Garlands, Games, Toys, and more! I was also wise enough to bring along my Christmas-loving five year old daughter (must be genetic), so she got to experience it as well, here are some of our best photos from the day:


My daughter absolutely LOVED all the decorations – she loves Christmas just as much as I do (possibly more, since she’s five).

Her favourites were the trees, snowglobes and lights!

My favourite displays were all the really, really beautiful ornaments, and nutcrackers:

See the rest of our photos from Selfridges Christmas Shop 2018 in the gallery below;

As the holidays progress I plan on visiting as many Christmas Shops as possible!
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