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Christmas Around the World

Inside Harrods Christmas World

When it comes to Christmas in London, the department stores go all out, especially Harrods Christmas World. Launched in early September every year, it might not be the first (that honour goes to Selfridges Christmas Shop). Multiple Rooms decorated for the Holidays, lots of beautiful Christmas Trees, and dozens and dozens of Harrods-themed ornaments to choose from, it is by far our favourite Christmas Shop in London. We made a special trip to take lots of photos to share with you, and we'll be giving away a Harrods-themed gift (read more at the end of this post). Without further adou,…

Christmas Traditions

Origin and History of Christmas Trees

Discover the History of Christmas Trees, the meaning and origin of this tradition, from Martin Luther to Rockefeller Plaza. This icon of Christmas brings joy and the spirit to nearly each and every of the millions and millions of homes that celebrate Christmas each year. The History of Christmas Trees as a decoration tradition may have begun as far back as the 7th century when it is said that a monk named Devonshire spent time in a part of Germany we now regard as the birthplace of many modern Christmas traditions (such as Christmas Markets). He used it as a…

Christmas Decorations

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree, Pros & Cons.

The age-old question, do you use a Real or Artificial Christmas Tree? The popularity of artificial trees has drastically increased in the 21st Century. Here, we go over a few styles and options for both, and the pros and cons of using a real tree or a fake one. No matter how you like to decorate, you'll need to decide what type of tree you need. Real Christmas Trees There's nothing quite like a real tree, the smell, the feel, there are lots of different types of Christmas Trees to choose from, but no matter the breed, you'll always have…