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Christmas Crafts

Magical Memory Making with Christmas Crafting

Guest Post by Maggy of RedTedArt One of the best ways to ways to create lasting memories is family friendly crafting! Even younger kids will enjoy making easy Christmas crafts when they share this experience with loving family members. We share here number of Christmas crafts to make magical memories with kids! Some of the basic supplies needed for these crafts: Construction paper Glue Stick Scissors Marker Corks Paper rolls   Take a look at an individual craft projects for specific materials related to that craft. Pop-up cards are truly magical! It’s amazing how you can make an amazing effect…


Easy and Fun Halloween Ideas to Make from Paper

Guest post by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art. Crafting doesn’t have to be time consuming, complicated and expensive! We selected Halloween paper crafts for you and your kids to make together and all of these Halloween crafts are simple and easy paper based crafts. Pick one or more to make and have fun decorating your home this Halloween! Some of the basic paper supplies you will need: Construction paper Origami paper Glue stick Scissors Markers For an exact list of supplies, check a list for each of these fun and easy paper crafts.   Are your kids familiar with…