DIY Christmas Decor

How to Wrap (almost) anything for Christmas

So, have you even started all your shopping? Or maybe you're one of the organised ones and you've actually finished? The best part of the gift-giving season (besides all the happy faces on Christmas morning of course) for me, is wrapping the Christmas gifts. There's something pretty magical about listening to Christmas Music while you go through all the items you've bought and intend on giving. But, sometimes you get an item that just doesn't fit in a box, or just wouldn't look good covered in paper. Here are a few tips on wrapping that you might not of though…

Christmas Crafts

Rustic Christmas Wrapping Ideas & Giveaway

There's just something about a farmhouse Christmas, something about the rustic Christmas wrapping, the twine, bows and ribbons that make the season a little more homey. While visiting cities is a treat, lots more people prefer a rural, Country Christmas. Here I have a few examples of fantastic wrapping ideas to make your Christmas presents have that rustic Christmas feel. I'll also give you he details for our newest Giveaway! So read   Paper and Twine Probably the most common rustic Christmas wrapping idea, while most common is brown paper, you can use all sorts of wonderful colored craft paper,…