Christmas Decorations

10 Budget Friendly Christmas Home Decoration Ideas

Guest post by Magdalene of December has arrived so fast and you can feel the Christmas vibes in the air. You can spot Christmas decorations almost everywhere; stores, offices, streets etc. There is so much spending and planning to do this festive season on a whole lot of things. The list is endless depending what you’ve planned for the Christmas. This is also inclusive of your choice home decorations. It isn’t too early to put up your Christmas decoration and start planning for the festive holiday. In other to assist you watch your Christmas spend on home decorations. I have…

Christmas Crafts

DIY & Daily December Journal Through The Holidays

Guest Post by Stacy Zant You are sitting by the warm fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate looking over the memories you created this Christmas all documented in this beautiful work of art in your hands. You look to your left and your right and wonder if anyone sees the look of wonder in your eyes and then a smile bursts on the corner of your lips. You took the time to embark on a journaling journey that would make you dream, reflect and work towards a plan to dedicate yourself to the process of journaling each day in…