So, have you even started all your shopping? Or maybe you’re one of the organised ones and you’ve actually finished? The best part of the gift-giving season (besides all the happy faces on Christmas morning of course) for me, is wrapping the Christmas gifts. There’s something pretty magical about listening to Christmas Music while you go through all the items you’ve bought and intend on giving.

But, sometimes you get an item that just doesn’t fit in a box, or just wouldn’t look good covered in paper. Here are a few tips on wrapping that you might not of though of before, and a few examples of innovative package ideas from Kraft King that solve some of the most difficult wrapping problems for the holidays.

Baked Goods

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are ones you make yourself, so why not put as much thought into the wrappings as you do the treats. If you’re making baked goods or homemade sweets, try one of these awesome holiday window boxes.

Or, maybe you want your packaging to be slightly more functional. If you’d like something with a better seal, and a little more sturdy quality, why not go with a tin? Not only do these keep your goods safe, dry and fresh, but themselves are great collectable gifts too!

Wine & Spirits

Sometimes wrapping a bottle up in paper can be less formal that you’d like. Wine bags are pretty common, so why not pick out some more unique (kraft paper, or vintage) designs? Becoming more common are wine boxes and tubes. Especially for bottles of fine liquor – opening a bottle tube can be a wonderful occasion. Have a look at some of these catchy and festive designs for ways to wrap wine and liquor bottles.

Delicate Items

Before you put that next fragile heirloom into a box, or gift bag – think about what’s going to protect it. There are lots of really amazing Christmas tissue papers that can not only make your gift look great, but also keep it safe.

Ribbons and Bows

Sometimes, if you just can’t wrap it up – less is more. Think about all those tv shows and movies where you see someone get a New Car and there’s nothing on it besides a Bow? I think that adding a few festive touches to a really thoughtful (or large) gift is all it really needs, here are some options.

I hope that helps you wrap anything you need to for gifts this Christmas.

If you have any further suggestions, head over to our Facebook Group and make some wrapping suggestions!