Guest Post by Maggy of RedTedArt

One of the best ways to ways to create lasting memories is family friendly crafting! Even younger kids will enjoy making easy Christmas crafts when they share this experience with loving family members. We share here number of Christmas crafts to make magical memories with kids!

Some of the basic supplies needed for these crafts:

  • Construction paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Corks
  • Paper rolls


Take a look at an individual craft projects for specific materials related to that craft.

  1. Pop-up cards are truly magical! It’s amazing how you can make an amazing effect with simple paper folding techniques like the one used in DIY pop-up Christmas tree cards!
  2. We also found a gingerbread man pop-up card! Isn’t it lovely? The best part? You can make it using only a few basic paper crafting supplies like paper, scissors and glue!
  3. If you are short on time, or need to make a bunch of Christmas cards fast, you will love minute to make Christmas cards! This complete series is based on homemade cards which can be made in 2 – 5 minutes!
  4. I find tiny ornaments super cute! Do you like them too? No wonder we fell in love with little cork Santa ornaments as soon as we spotted them! Now to check the recycle bin to see if we have some corks left and maybe we can pick out a few other cork ornaments to make!
  5. Similarly, this is the best How to make Dried Orange Slices how to. So simple and fun and don’t they look gorgeous? Just perfect for hanging in the Christmas tree!
  6. Here is another super thrifty idea from recycle bin! Make paper roll snowman and use them as decorations. You can also make enough of them to invite kids to use these snowmen for bowling game!
  7. If you want to make a homemade gift for Christmas for teachers and classmates, we suggest a couple of DIY Christmas pencil holders! We love how super easy we can make Santa desk tidy! And it makes such a neat gift!
  8. For toddlers and preschoolers we found Christmas craft to assist them with developing their fine motor skills. They will have fun tearing paper and then gluing it to form a colorful Christmas wreath!
  9. If your child is looking forward to a white Christmas, you might like to add some white decorations to your home! We adore 3D paper Christmas trees! They bring the winter magic inside!
  10. For your teens, if they would like to explore a variety of different techniquest, you can offer them to choose one of arty homemade Christmas ornaments. So many different ideas to try!
  11. Calling Mickey Mouse fans! Did you know you can make a lovely Christmas ornament with your favorite Disney character using only paper?! Pick instructions how to make 3D Mickey Mouse ornament and get on crafting!

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Your children will enjoy crafting as they work on many of their skills, from fine motor to expanding their vocabulary. As for parents, you will be thrilled to see how these projects are simple and inexpensive. Overall, crafting is a wonderful way to spend some time bonding with kids and creating many lovely memories!