I am simply amazed at how much Christmas has changed from when I was a kid. I remember meeting Santa Claus maybe once or twice in my life – we didn’t even go to the mall every year to give him our lists, we simply mailed them and hope for the best. Now, Santa Claus has a fancy App that lets Children received personalised messages strait to their home! Lydia was lucky enough to test out the PNP (Portable North Pole) App and here’s her reaction and review.

What is Portable North Pole?

For the Kids: It’s an App where you can not only receive special messages from Santa Claus direct from the North Pole, but also have a bit of fun with a few Games.

For the Grown Ups: PNP is the worlds best interactive Christmas App to connect your children to the Magic of Christmas – through personalised videos and calls from Santa Claus and his elves. The quality of the videos is phenomenal, they’ve been at it for years. The personalization is great, the specific options are so detailed and descriptive!

Word of warning – some kids (no matter how much they LOVE Santa Claus),  may react a bit poorly to the video-call-from-Santa style of these videos. They may get nervous, or overwhelmed. It might be best to explain to them that it’s not exactly a Live Video call – but that Santa filmed this message and sent it along special for them.

PNP offers one Free Personalized video within the App, but in order to enjoy the longer, more detailed video messages you’ll need to purchase a Premium Package – either the 1-year Magic Pass or the Lifetime Ultimate Pass. Or, just enter our giveaway below and you could win a Magic Pass!

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