Christmas Fun and Games

Portable North Pole Review & Giveaway

I am simply amazed at how much Christmas has changed from when I was a kid. I remember meeting Santa Claus maybe once or twice in my life - we didn't even go to the mall every year to give him our lists, we simply mailed them and hope for the best. Now, Santa Claus has a fancy App that lets Children received personalised messages strait to their home! Lydia was lucky enough to test out the PNP (Portable North Pole) App and here's her reaction and review.  What is Portable North Pole? For the Kids: It's an App…

Christmas Fun and Games

The Best Christmas Themed Games to Play Online Anytime of the Year

Who says you need to wait until December to feel the Christmas spirit. You can get into the spirit of things today if you felt the mood arise. We know we love to watch Christmas blockbusters all year long to feel just a little bit closer to the festive season. And luckily for us, each day truly brings us closer to eggnog, Santa Clause, presents and mistletoe! However, until Christmas day does eventually arrive, we went on a hunt for something else, something other than Xmas blockbusters, something you can carry with you on your mobile device, we found an…