Christmas Fun and Games

Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids

One of the best parts of Christmas is laughing at jokes, and playing riddles, especially with children, which is why we created this sheet of Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids Christmas Riddles For Kids If you're looking for some of the best silly Christmas Riddles for kids, we have made a fantastic downloadable sheet with 30+ funny and family-friendly Christmas jokes and Riddles for kids. See a few examples below, and download our free printable jokes sheet, too! These simple jokes make excellent Christmas Riddles for kids, and are fun for children of all ages. Here are a few…


Alternate Histories

Alternate Histories, Where the Past Comes Monstrously to Life. Impossible! Unbelievable! Fantastic! They offer a range of hilarious Christmas Cards featuring creatures from the Deep, Outer Space and even Dinosaurs! Have a look through this shop to order your Period-Inaccurate Christmas Cards & more gifts! Here are a few of our favourite card options, LOVE the vintage feel!  There's also this fetching Christmas Card pack! I highly suggest following them on Facebook for more funnies:   Alternate Histories There are dozens more Christmas Card options on the Alternate Histories shop.  

Christmas News

Cereal Christmas Advent Calendar from Kelloggs is coming!

The Cereal Christmas Advent Calendar  ‘24 bowls til’ Christmas’ pack will be sold exclusively in the UK for breakfast fanatics to enjoy a bowl every morning leading up to the big day. If you love cereal as much as you love Christmas (and I know a few kids an adults who really do), then this is the PERFECT advent calendar for you. From the Kellogg's press release: "The calendars will also help you get into the festive spirit, encouraging you to join Kellogg’s Christmas party with their selfie competition available on the back of packs." Expect these to hit stores on October…