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Christmas Fun and Games

Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids

One of the best parts of Christmas is laughing at jokes, and playing riddles, especially with children, which is why we created this sheet of Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids Christmas Riddles For Kids If you're looking for some of the best silly Christmas Riddles for kids, we have made a fantastic downloadable sheet with 30+ funny and family-friendly Christmas jokes and Riddles for kids. See a few examples below, and download our free printable jokes sheet, too! These simple jokes make excellent Christmas Riddles for kids, and are fun for children of all ages. Here are a few…

Christmas Movies & Television

The Best Disney Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time for traditions and one of the best holiday traditions is sitting down with the family for a night of festive film magic. Christmas and Disney go hand in hand when it comes to all things magical, so here’s a list of the 5 best Disney Christmas movies that you can watch year after year. The Nightmare Before Christmas A Disney classic that is still a big hit with kids today, start the Christmas celebrations early, from the run up to Halloween to the big day itself. Chaos and confusion occurs in Halloween Town when pumpkin king…

Christmas Fun and Games

How Well Do You Know Home Alone?

It's the middle of May, so naturally we're starting to think about all the fun we're going to have over the Holiday season this year. Right? Home Alone is obviously one of the best and most important Christmas Movies of all time. Lets see how well you know this Christmas Classic with the first ever All Things Christmas Quiz! More Christmas Movie Stuff on AllThingsChristmas

Christmas Carols & Lyrics

Christmas Songs for Kids, Lyrics & Activities

We've put together some of the best Christmas songs for Kids and create printable Lyrics and activity sheets for you download free! Use our Children Christmas Song Lyrics free printable with your kids. Listening and singing Christmas music is one of the most fun traditions to do with kids, you'll enjoy singing along with Christmas Music for kids. All of the most famous and well known songs are included in the lyric sheets, like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Here comes Santa Claus, even all Twelve Days of Christmas full lyrics to share and print. We have…