In the month of December 2019 we sponsored a Creative Short Story content over at Commaful. If you’re not familiar with them, Commaful is a site for writers to share short stories, poems, fanfiction, and more. You can learn more on the writer’s page. The winning entries (picked from the top-upvoted submissions) were awarded the chance to be featured right here on All Things Christmas, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the winning entries.

Christmas Short Stories

There were dozens of entries, and I read *most* of them, which were extremely creative. In the end I couldn’t choose just one, so I picked three, and they’re as follows.
Please be warned the first two are not exactly Child-Friendly, with dark themes.

Third Place

Christmas by Lianna_Writes
Warning: Contains Self-Harm

via Commaful

My Comments: This was one of the top-rated entries, and I have to say although very dark, it is well written story and has a poetic style.

Second Place

The Child that Christmas Forgot by blesseddarkness
Warning: Depressing Themes

via Commaful

My Comments: The most up-voted story by far during the contest and I can see why – this is beautifully written, if also very sad.

 First Place

George and the Slow Coach by harrylogan

via Commaful

My Comments: After reading the first two, this is a welcome relief of anticipation, delight and resolve. Plus it was one of the few that took the time to add imagery for every section. This story somehow embodies a lot of what Christmas is about for a child, not all fun and games. As Garfield would say: “The special gifts of Christmas, that really make it great, are the Insomnia and the Anxiety kids get from having to wait…”

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas Short Stories, and if you want to read the rest of the entries, head on over to the All-things-Christmas tag on Commaful.