Christmas Around the World

Inside Lapland UK Visiting Father Christmas

  When you have a four-year old, just learning the magic of Christmas, you want to do everything in your power to make memories that will last a lifetime. Everbody celebrates in their own way, and since moving to London there is certainly no lack of choices to take my little one out to meet Father Christmas. But there's one option that has been far-exceeding all expectations and bringing the true Magic of Christmas to everyone in England (and beyond) for years. Lapland UK is a magical place where forest elves take you on a magical journey through an Enchanted…

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Traditions of Hawaii

The Christmas traditions of Hawaii is a labor of love and creativity. Hawaiians import their Xmas trees long before the season arrives from across the Pacific Ocean, which arrive on the Xmas Tree Ship. They look for the best grand firs, noble, and other popular varieties of fir or pine. Many grow their own trees in their backyard. More creative Hawaiians create Xmas trees by decorating the Palm trees for outdoor displays and they substitute Santa Claus’s sleigh and reindeer with an outrigger canoe and dolphins. They also provide the elves with aloha shirts. With creative twists, the Christmas traditions…

Christmas Traditions

5 New Christmas Traditions

There seem to be some universal traditions at Christmas that we all do, Cookies, Gingerbread Houses, watching Christmas Movies. But there are lots of new Christmas Traditions that I didn't even know about, here 5 new Christmas Traditions that I only just learned about, which are my new favourites. Being a part of lots of Christmas Groups on Facebook is delightful. It means that I get to talk about Christmas 24/7, and share all the Christmas Spirit with other Christmas-obsessed folks like myself. By the very definition, traditions mean that these are things that people do Year after Year -…