Christmas Around the World

Christmas Traditions and Customs of Germany

From Japan to Germany, countries around the world have their unique traditions and customs surrounding the Christmas holiday season. While spending Christmas away from your home country may sound daunting, you can rest assured that you’ll find a new way to celebrate, no matter where you are, and if you’re in Germany, you’ll be in for a real treat. Check out the Christmas history and traditions of Germany to know how to celebrate. Christmas Markets With the Christmas season in Germany comes the fantastic Christmas markets. Find all the fun gifts, artisan crafts, and sweet treats, like stollen, roasted almonds,…

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Traditions of Hawaii

The Christmas traditions of Hawaii is a labor of love and creativity. Hawaiians import their Xmas trees long before the season arrives from across the Pacific Ocean, which arrive on the Xmas Tree Ship. They look for the best grand firs, noble, and other popular varieties of fir or pine. Many grow their own trees in their backyard. More creative Hawaiians create Xmas trees by decorating the Palm trees for outdoor displays and they substitute Santa Claus’s sleigh and reindeer with an outrigger canoe and dolphins. They also provide the elves with aloha shirts. With creative twists, the Christmas traditions…