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Christmas Around the World

Names for Santa Claus Around the World

There are many names for Santa Claus, no matter which one, he us known around the world for bringing toys for good girls and boys. Every culture and nearly every language have their own unique names for Santa Claus. Here we will cover just a few of the most popular names for Santa, and different traditions of Santa Claus around the world. What does Santa Look Like? In different cultures and countries, Santa Claus has different names, or is considered a different person altogether. His appearance depends on what history or origin he may have. In most countries where he…

Christmas Around the World

Inside Lapland UK Visiting Father Christmas

  When you have a four-year old, just learning the magic of Christmas, you want to do everything in your power to make memories that will last a lifetime. Everbody celebrates in their own way, and since moving to London there is certainly no lack of choices to take my little one out to meet Father Christmas. But there's one option that has been far-exceeding all expectations and bringing the true Magic of Christmas to everyone in England (and beyond) for years. Lapland UK is a magical place where forest elves take you on a magical journey through an Enchanted…

Christmas Traditions

Origin and History of Santa Claus

Most children know Santa Claus as a big, round, red-cheeked, joyous, old gentleman who delivers Christmas gifts clad in black boots and a red and white suit. On this page you will be able to delve into the fascinating history of Santa Claus, and a few of his similar incarnations around the globe. Find out more about Saint Nicholas (was he the first Santa?) and learn more about the History of Father Christmas (just one of Santa's names). The Origin of Santa Claus Was Saint Nicolas the First Santa Claus? To understand the History of Santa Claus we first have…