There seem to be some universal traditions at Christmas that we all do, Cookies, Gingerbread Houses, watching Christmas Movies. But there are lots of new Christmas Traditions that I didn’t even know about, here 5 new Christmas Traditions that I only just learned about, which are my new favourites.

Being a part of lots of Christmas Groups on Facebook is delightful. It means that I get to talk about Christmas 24/7, and share all the Christmas Spirit with other Christmas-obsessed folks like myself. By the very definition, traditions mean that these are things that people do Year after Year – so many of you may already be familiar with these traditions, some have been around for generations. Every now and again something comes up that’s brand new to me, after I thought I’d learned it all a new Christmas Traditions up that I’d never heard of, so I thought I’d share, in case they’re ‘New’ to you too!

December 1st / Christmas Eve Box

New Christmas Traditions - Christmas Eve Box

As I understand the December First box tradition, it can be personal (for each child) or for the whole family. December First boxes usually contain small Christmas-Themed gifts, decorations or activities for the family to do over the month, or a new Christmas Ornament. The idea is that if you get one at Christmas you may not be able to enjoy it that very same season, so this new Christmas Tradition was born. It may also coincide with he arrival of your Elf on the Shelf (which they say arrives December 1st every year).

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Christmas Eve boxes are more about the special evening itself – Christmas eve. Usually they have Pyjamas, Slippers, a Christmas Themed book, and maybe some treats or hot-cocoa. Many people have picked this as  one of their favourite new Christmas traditions in place of the older “Open a single present on Christmas Eve” that was popular in my family. I like this one and will likely adopt it into my own family traditions.

Hot Chocolate Bar

New Christmas Traditions - Hot Chocolate Bar

Whether it’s for a family movie night, a Christmas party, or just a night in with your partner – a Hot Chocolate bar is a festive new Christmas Tradition that I can definitely get behind. It’s easy to do (especially with kits available like these from Etsy), and a few ingredients – many of which you may already have – it’s great fun for kids, adults, and the whole family.

New Christmas Traditions - Hot Chocolate Bar New Christmas Traditions - Hot Chocolate Bar
However or wheever you enjoy your Hot Chocolate, this is a tasty new Christmas Tradition that I can get behind!

Santa Sack

New Christmas Traditions - Santa Sack

This is probably the oldest Christmas Tradition I hadn’t heard about until I moved to the UK – then suddenly I saw it everywhere, even online! As I understand it, each child recieves their gifts from Santa Claus within their Santa Sack. It could appear under the tree, or at the foot of their bed. Sometimes it replaces a traditional ‘stocking’, maybe? What’s clear is that they’re almost always personalised and rustic.

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North Pole Breakfast

New Christmas Traditions

As I understand it, the North Pole Breakfast is to celebrate the return of your Elf on a Shelf, but many families (even ones that don’t do the Elf) are adopting this tradition for either December 1st, whichever day their Christmas Tree gets decorated, or on Christmas Eve/Day itself. The idea is to have a all-treats breakfast – likely inspired by Buddy himself:

Buddy the elf Christmas Breakfast
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Reindeer Food

Gone are the days when simply leaving a Carrot out for Rudolph was enough, now there is Magical Reindeer Food, and it’s Super Popular. You can of course, make it yourself if you wish to include in your Christmas Eve Box, or make it together with a family it usually includes all-edible/animal safe foods like oats, bird seed, and sprinkles.

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