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Fun Facts about Co-Working Spaces and the Holidays

Office Christmas parties are an American workplace tradition filled with eggnog, Secret Santa gifts and potlucks. But as workplaces change, so does the way workers celebrate across the nation. Innovative coworking space provider Galvanize recently polled start-ups, tech and marketing companies who call one of Galvanize’s six coworking communities home. Some interesting holiday tidbits including: Although the coworking companies surveyed were overwhelming tech-related ventures, 26 percent of the companies said they will still mail out Christmas cards to their clients. More than 57 percent of the respondents will celebrate at an offsite holiday party, 19 percent will embark on a team outing and 11…

Christmas Fun and Games

Christmas Party Card Games from Ginger Fox

One of the absolute best parts of the Holiday Season is spending time with friends and family. If you're stuck for ideas on how to fill the time when you have neighbours visiting, or simply want a screen-free evening with the family, there's no better way than to pull out some card games (and no, we're not talking Crazy 8s here, something that not just grandmas will enjoy!) This December we have big plans for hosting some festive gatherings at my house. We have friends coming over from Canada, we have a Christmas Party planned, and we also have lots…

Christmas News

Winter Wonderland Style: What to Wear to a Christmas Party

A certain Christmas song says, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." And a poll found that 78 percent of Americans call Christmas their favourite holiday. That doesn't mean Christmas is stress-free, though. If you've got a Christmas party coming up, figuring out what to wear to a Christmas party can give you pause. But you've got more options than you may realize. The best Christmas party outfits will make you feel festive and cheery. Best of all, you won't feel like you're dressing up as one of Santa's elves. Read on for some of the best Christmas party…

Christmas Home Decor

7 Décor Tips for Your Christmas Party

Throwing a great Christmas party is part of fun of every holiday season. You can bring friends and family together to celebrate life and the relationships you hold dear. Nice Christmas parties are always the talk of the town months after they happen, so the pressure’s on to get it right. Have fun while you plan and keep things festive for a wonderful event. There are some basic components of a fantastic party every host should follow. You’ve got to nail the food, drinks if you and your guests drink, and a soundtrack for the affair. A lot of the…