A certain Christmas song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And a poll found that 78 percent of Americans call Christmas their favourite holiday.

That doesn’t mean Christmas is stress-free, though. If you’ve got a Christmas party coming up, figuring out what to wear to a Christmas party can give you pause. But you’ve got more options than you may realize.

The best Christmas party outfits will make you feel festive and cheery. Best of all, you won’t feel like you’re dressing up as one of Santa’s elves.

Read on for some of the best Christmas party dressing ideas.

Use Green and Red

When you think of Christmas party attire, you likely think of someone wearing green and red. But Christmas colors don’t have to mean throwing on an ugly Christmas sweater, especially not if you’re attending a fancy Christmas dinner party.

Make green and red bold and stylish rather than corny. For instance, a green scarf can set off an entire outfit. A red blouse can make you feel sexy and festive.

If the party is more formal, look for a dress in a jewel green or dark red color. Something in crimson or cranberry is perfect if you’re looking for ideas on what to wear to a Christmas dinner party.

Find the Perfect Accessory

Finding the right outfit is crucial, but you also can’t ignore your accessories. For example, what kind of purse are you bringing to your Christmas party?

A purse can set off a whole outfit, but at Christmas, it can do more than that.

The right designer purse can make you look elegant and mysterious. You might be carrying makeup in there, or you might be taking a few Christmas gifts.

Your mom always said, “Don’t ask questions at Christmas.” But when people see you carrying a Yves Saint Laurent purse, they won’t be able to stop themselves from asking, “Where did you get that bag?”

If you’re interested in finding the perfect Yves Saint Laurent bag, you can see the collection here. If you find a bag you love, think of it as a gift for yourself.

Remember Comfort

Not sure how to dress for a Christmas party? Don’t forget to put on something that makes you feel comfortable.

It’s a Christmas party, not the Oscars. You want to look great. But you also want to wear something that allows you to eat, drink, and laugh with your loved ones.

If you have a pair of red heels that sets off your Christmas outfit perfectly, bring them. But also make sure to bring a backup pair of sneakers that you can keep in your bag or car.

A soft and forgiving skirt might work better for a Christmas party than your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are fashionable, but you might not be able to eat all those yummy Christmas desserts.

Now You Know What to Wear to a Christmas Party

Figuring out what to wear to a Christmas party makes you more confident from the moment you arrive. The right outfit can even help you navigate conversations with your nosy aunt without missing a beat.

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