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Christmas Party Card Games from Ginger Fox

One of the absolute best parts of the Holiday Season is spending time with friends and family. If you're stuck for ideas on how to fill the time when you have neighbours visiting, or simply want a screen-free evening with the family, there's no better way than to pull out some card games (and no, we're not talking Crazy 8s here, something that not just grandmas will enjoy!) This December we have big plans for hosting some festive gatherings at my house. We have friends coming over from Canada, we have a Christmas Party planned, and we also have lots…



Not only does this shop have some of the best designed Christmas Cards, they also offer personalised gifts for book lovers. Their artistic book quotes are phenomenal, and make a perfect gift! There's not much else to say about this shop, except that it's amazingly creative, and some of their items are so, so very festive. Have a look at a few of our favourite options for probably the best Christmas Cards you'll ever send out. Can we even talk about how magical these are? I could die. Best of all they come in packs!   Check them out on Facebook,…


Alternate Histories

Alternate Histories, Where the Past Comes Monstrously to Life. Impossible! Unbelievable! Fantastic! They offer a range of hilarious Christmas Cards featuring creatures from the Deep, Outer Space and even Dinosaurs! Have a look through this shop to order your Period-Inaccurate Christmas Cards & more gifts! Here are a few of our favourite card options, LOVE the vintage feel!  There's also this fetching Christmas Card pack! I highly suggest following them on Facebook for more funnies:   Alternate Histories There are dozens more Christmas Card options on the Alternate Histories shop.  

Christmas News

Vintage Royal Family Christmas Cards Sell at Auction

A series of vintage Royal Family Christmas Cards, sent Queen Elizabeth and family, sent from 1959-2001 have sold at Auction this week for  tidy sum of £1,530 in total (almost $2000 USD - not too pricy!). The most expensive being the following 1960's era photograph and card for £280 (about $365 USD) reports the BBC. There were also newer cards, one of which show the growing royal family, alongside corgis (this one taken in 1993, the year after Princess Diana's passing). The traditon of the Royal Family Christmas Cards has a long history - in fact, it was Queen Victoria who sent…