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How to Have a Less Stressful Christmas in 2020

It’s been almost a month since Christmas 2019, and many of us still miss it. Maybe you clung onto your Christmas tree until the bitter end when you have to purge decorations, or you're waiting for another snow so you have an excuse to crank up “Winter Wonderland.”  But whatever you may think about Christmas, one thing that many don’t miss is the cost. Many of us are still reeling from the Christmas spending. Here’s how you can save money for Christmas in 2020 while still having a joyous Christmas.  Don’t Wait Until Black Friday to Get Your Gifts!  Many…

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How to Manage the Highs & Lows of Christmas

Christmas Day arrives and finally the pent up excitement can be unleashed on the family (and the house – uh oh!). The kids are running amok chasing each other around the house. Grandmother-and-father are nattering away with the cousins in the living the room, your partner is AWOL, and the boot room looks like a bomb exploded in it with shoes lying awry and muddy water seeping its way onto your kitchen floor. A distant uncle, who somehow got invited, is ever so tipsy, singing Christmas carols to a family crowd that is laughing raucously in the kitchen, while the…

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Managing Your Mental Health over the Holidays

Guest Post by Emma of Sass and Clacks The Christmas period is my favourite time of year. There’s nothing I love more than coming home on a crisp winter evening to a warm pair of slippers, a cosy blanket, and a hot chocolate, and finally finding (or making) that perfect gift gives me the warm fuzzies. There’s tasty treats and celebrations aplenty, and everywhere I turn there’s love, warmth, and affection. However, the traditions and sentiments behind the holiday season can also be a source of stress and anxiety. While for many Christmas is a joyous time to spend with…

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Combat Holiday Blues by getting your Masters in Mental Health Counseling Online

Sometimes we so much emphasis on the holiday season that the rest of the year can seem a bit boring, or even include oppressive thoughts. Although there are lots of studies about mental health issues during November/December, often people don't take into account the effects of the Christmas Obsessed and how difficult the period right after the Holidays can be (ie: January - June). This could be considered a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I'm not an expert. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that million adults in the United States—approximately percent of the population—experiences mental illness in…