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If You Do These Things, You Can Call Yourself a Xmas Expert

Suffice to say; if you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’re likely a big Christmas fan. But can you legitimately call yourself a Christmas expert? Well, that’s an entirely different ball game. There are those who get excited about the big day, and then there are those who obsess over it.  So what are the telltale signs of a Xmas expert? Take a look.    You Know The Differences Between The Gospel Accounts Of The Nativity  Christmas is all about the birth of the baby Jesus and the story of the Virgin Mary. Interestingly, though, the Bible contains several…

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How to Manage the Highs & Lows of Christmas

Christmas Day arrives and finally the pent up excitement can be unleashed on the family (and the house – uh oh!). The kids are running amok chasing each other around the house. Grandmother-and-father are nattering away with the cousins in the living the room, your partner is AWOL, and the boot room looks like a bomb exploded in it with shoes lying awry and muddy water seeping its way onto your kitchen floor. A distant uncle, who somehow got invited, is ever so tipsy, singing Christmas carols to a family crowd that is laughing raucously in the kitchen, while the…

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Benefits of Buying Your Christmas Gifts Early!

Christmas comes once a year, and boy, does it make an impression whilst it stays. We go all out to celebrate it: decorating the house from top to bottom in shiny decorations and colourful lights, baking cakes and cookies you don’t get at any other time of the year, drinking some raw egg with a bit of alcohol mixed in… There’s a lot of traditions we keep to, and there’s a few of them that just don’t seem to make sense! But the one we all love to practice year by year is the act of gift giving. We want…

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Top Tips To Save On Your Christmas Shopping

52% of Canadians say they spend more than they would like to over the holiday period. Christmas is about spending time with family and loved ones above anything else, but for most people it involves a festive feast, gift-giving and turning the home into a magical grotto. This costs can add up without realizing how much you’re spending. Homemade gifts and decorations  help to limit spending while adding a personal touch, but with a bit of planning you can save some cash in the stores as well. Shopping Online Nearly $1billion in Canadian Christmas spending is expected to shift from in-store purchases to online, making it…