It’s become a bit of an annual tradition. Selfridges opens it’s ‘Christmas Shop’ (or, maybe just enough displays to qualify as a Christmas Shop) in late July / Early August – and all the newspapers start the annual uproar about Christmas Creep. Another annual tradition is for me to go visit the shop, and take photos to share with everyone who can’t manage to make it to London themselves.

Selfridges Christmas Shop in London

For those of you who don’t know, Selfridges is a major upscale department store on Oxford Street in London. It’s a become well known for being the first department store to open their ‘Christmas Shop’, which is usually a portion of a department store dedicated entirely to Christmas Decor, Gifts and more. Harrods is probably the most well known Christmas Shop in London and is similar in scale and quality to Macy’s Christmas Shop (maybe a bit better, coz it’s British).

I visited Selfridges Christmas Shop in 2018 as well as back in 2017.

But this year, I brought my little one, and we made a couple of videos of it. The first is our Live Facebook video.

The second is this nifty little vlog, which is up on our newly relaunched YouTube Channel (which you need to subscribe to obviously)

Photos from Selfridges Christmas Shop

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