I have been to a Christmas shop in nearly every city I have ever visited. From Edmonton to Edinburgh, I’ve even been to Bronner’s (the Largest Christmas Store) twice,  but none can compare to my favourite Christmas Shop in the world, The Spirit of Christmas in Banff, Alberta.

The magical setting amongst the snow-covered mountains (which due to wildfire smoke, were hardly visible when I visited this year), the huge, almost antique-feeling interior (if there was ever a Christmas version of  the TARDIS phrase ‘Bigger on the Inside’ this would be it), makes this one of the best shops – let alone holiday themed ones, I’ve ever been in.

But what sets it apart even more, and perhaps best, its the massive, detailed, gorgeous, display of Christmas Village pieces they have at the back wall. Upon my last visit, I made a video of the display:

This year I decided to photograph the wonderful interior, products, and even more village pictures, and I’m happy to share them with you here.

Just a sample of their wonderful Villages Displays. I could (and have) spent waaaay too much time here just looking at all the amazing details:

Some of their other corners and shelves are just bursting with Christmas goodies;

The trees and overall decor are also quite stunning:

Not to mention their variety of cute squirrel options! (Don’t worry, I only bought a few)
There’s no lack of tree decorations and baubles, here are some of my favourites:
Last but not least, they really appreciate the vintage style of Christmas and decorations, a few vintage-inspired displays:
For a Christmas nut like myself, this is like a little holiday heaven. Every Christmas shop has it’s own best qualities, but The Spirit of Christmas will always be my favourite.