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Inside John Lewis Christmas Market London

At this point we've taken you through Selfridges and Harrod's but there's another department store in London that really glams up for the Holidays; the John Lewis Christmas Market. Half of the third floor of this huge Oxford Street department store is a Winter Wonderland unlike any other. The focal point of the John Lewis Christmas market is by far the wide selection of Christmas ornaments in all sorts of amazing themes. For nearly every display Christmas tree, they have dozens of selections of ornaments and adornments to buy. On top of that, they have one of the best Personalised…

Christmas Around the World

Inside Selfridges Christmas Shop & Giveaway!

Last week, it was announced that Selfridges Christmas Shop opened, amidst a bit of controversy (it being August and all). But for some, this was delightful news, and a welcome start to the Holiday Season (yes, even in August). Since we're based in London we promised our fans we would go have a look, and here's our exclusive tour of inside Selfridges Christmas Shop. \ Stick around to the end, coz we have a great Giveaway for our readers! Selfridges is one of the most prestigious department stores on Oxford Street, and it's historical facade is gorgeous. The Christmas Shop…