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If you’re looking for some Fun Christmas Traditions or more information about the History and Origins of Christmas Traditions, you’ve found the right place.

We have details about lots of different Christmas Around the World as well as Family Christmas Traditions Ideas for you to start your own Christmas Customs for kids!

Christmas Customs


Customs and Traditions at Christmastime are important to every family and every culture. Here at All Things Christmas we want you to have a Merry Christmas, by celebrating with us, and sharing all the Christmas Customs from all around the world.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Traditions


Some of the most important Christmas Traditions are the Fun Christmas Traditions we do each year on Xmas. Here you can Discover New Traditions or read about Old Christmas Customs from the past or simply learn more about different cultures and how they celebrate Christmas.

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Christmas Around the World

Christmas in Canada: Canadian Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions in Canada Updated 2020 to include my new Podcast Series! Being Canadian, I have a bit of an advantage to know about Canadian Christmas Traditions, however one should keep in mind that just like any country with a diverse population Canadian Christmas traditions can differ from region to region. Please have a listen to my episode of Christmas Around the World podcast series, linked below - recently launched in partnership with Christmas Past. Christmas Around the World Podcast Series: Canada Have a listen to this short podcast wherein I host and tell you about Christmas Foods in Canada,…

Christmas Around the World

A Multicultural Christmas Celebration with My Dreamality

Guest Post by Yaya of My Dreamality Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, they say. Well, it is, but only once the stress of preparing for it is over and it's time to enjoy oneself! That's what I find anyway - I'm not one to revel too much in the pre-Christmas rush. But what I can say is that in our family, Christmas is a lot more than gifts and turkey - wonderful though gifts and turkey can be! I'm very fortunate to have a very multicultural immediate family and Christmas is a time when all the…

Christmas Around the World

5 Worldwide Christmas Food Traditions You Should Try This Year

Guest Post by Joanna of My Anxious Life I grew up in a Christmas loving household – my Mum has so many decorations, she’s one step away from a Channel 4 documentary. So I’ve always been keen on keeping the Christmas meal fairly traditional – turkey with all the trimmings (yes, even including the sprouts that no-one actually likes). It’s only since I’ve had my own children that I’ve realised just how much work goes into making what is essentially a ginormous blinged up Sunday roast – the kids don’t want to eat half the vegetables and once you’ve spent…

Christmas Traditions

Our Family Christmas Traditions with Champagne & Petals

This is a Guest Post by Sarah of Champagne & Petals I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year. I have always loved Christmas, my parents always made it a special time of the year. I have wonderful memories of waking up on Christmas morning to see that Santa had left us giant stockings full of gifts, playing games eating chocolate for breakfast, going to church, a wonderful roast dinner before the Queens speech and then presents from under the tree. It was so important to me that our children have magical Christmas’ and they can look back…