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If you’re looking for some Fun Christmas Traditions or more information about the History and Origins of Christmas Traditions, you’ve found the right place.

We have details about lots of different Christmas Around the World as well as Family Christmas Traditions Ideas for you to start your own Christmas Customs for kids!

Christmas Customs


Customs and Traditions at Christmastime are important to every family and every culture. Here at All Things Christmas we want you to have a Merry Christmas, by celebrating with us, and sharing all the Christmas Customs from all around the world.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Traditions


Some of the most important Christmas Traditions are the Fun Christmas Traditions we do each year on Xmas. Here you can Discover New Traditions or read about Old Christmas Customs from the past or simply learn more about different cultures and how they celebrate Christmas.

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Christmas Around the World

Christmas in London: Inside John Lewis Christmas Shop 2018

Living in London means that I have access to some of the absolute best Christmas Shops, every year lots of high-end department stores dedicate a portion of their stores entirely to Christmas and each year it gets better and better. Last year John Lewis impressed me with it's Opposuits, and Personalised Gummies. So far this year Selfridges was the first Department Store shop I've visited, but wanted to make a special trip to John Lewis too. I was really wowed with the updates to the John Lewis Christmas Shop this year. Unlike some stores that basically use the same set…

Christmas Around the World

10 Unique Christmas Celebrations from Around the World

Christmas is coming! Soon all our stores, our neighbourhoods, and spirits will be inundated with decorations and joy. While the Christmas spirit of togetherness is universal, not all other traditions are. For many people, it may be an obvious yearly occurrence to leave milk for Santa and treats for his reindeer, but that certainly sounds strange to other countries. Shoot, Santa isn’t even the person who brings presents in some places! Along with our globetrotting friends at AllTheRooms, we've compiled a list of special, and maybe strange, celebrations for the holiday season from around the world. Japan Does the Colonel…

Christmas Traditions

Introducing Christmas Traditions to Toddlers

I have always loved Christmas and Christmas traditions. I like to make sure I'm organised well in advance, so that I can truly enjoy December. But there's some truth in the "Christmas is for children" thing that people love to talk about. Before I had my twins, I thought that was ridiculous. I didn't think anything could make me love Christmas more than I already did. But the twins will be nearly 3 this Christmas and I am so, so excited about getting them involved with my favourite Christmas traditions. You May Also Like: 8 Tips to Keep your Toddler…

Christmas Traditions

5 Ways to Prepare for Christmas

Now not to worry you but it’s October, it isn’t that long until Christmas. So now is the perfect time to start preparing for the big day. Some people have been preparing since January, after all utilising the sales is a great way to get yourself on track for Christmas to come! However, while that’s a good idea for next Christmas, lets talk about things you can do right now to start getting yourself ready for this Christmas. Make a List. Have a think about everything you need to do to be ready for Christmas. Buy presents, write cards, sort…