Now not to worry you but it’s October, it isn’t that long until Christmas. So now is the perfect time to start preparing for the big day.

Some people have been preparing since January, after all utilising the sales is a great way to get yourself on track for Christmas to come!

However, while that’s a good idea for next Christmas, lets talk about things you can do right now to start getting yourself ready for this Christmas.

Make a List.

Have a think about everything you need to do to be ready for Christmas.

Buy presents, write cards, sort out the turkey, get out the decorations that sort of thing.

Under each section write what you need to buy and who for, as you get the items, tick them off, so you don’t end up duplicate buying.

You could also make goals about when you want to finish each part, giving you a schedule to work to and allowing you time to work on each thing.

Do you Know Everyone’s Address?

Have people moved?

Now is the time to find out.

Start reaching out to people to make sure you know their address, this will also help you plan how many cards you will need.

When writing your cards, it is worth putting your own details either on the back or inside. This can help people reach out to you, should someone has moved without you being aware, or should the worst have happened, and they passed away.

Make a Budget.

So, you have everything planned out. You know what you need to buy and who for.

Now is the time to plan your budget, how much you spend?

This will help you not go off track when buying items. Remember just because something seems like it is a budget, doesn’t mean it is! Stick to the plan, research your buys and you will do great when it comes to spending.

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Wrap as You Go.

Wrapping and packaging presents as you go can really be helpful.

We all know the pain that comes with spending hours hunched over wrapping at the last minute. So, don’t allow it to happen.

Keep things tidy, wrap and place them ready to be shipped off to the lucky recipient when the time comes.

Allow Time to Enjoy the Season.

No matter what is going on you should make sure you have time to enjoy Christmas yourself.

If things go wrong, cards don’t get sent, presents are presented in a bag, don’t panic!

Everyone has had a Christmas that’s gone wrong, and they will be thrilled at the thought and effort you did put in while everything goes out wrong.

It will only be you seeing things in a bad light.

So, there you have a few things which might help you get off on the right foot this Christmas, however what about you, what is your top tip for getting ready for Christmas?

About the Guest Author
Sarah is the creator behind Life in a Break Down, UK Bloggers and Simply Saving and one half of the duo behind UK Lifestyle Hub. She suffers from a number of chronic health conditions and is often found cuddled up on the sofa with a movie and her pets. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram too!