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If you’re looking for some Fun Christmas Traditions or more information about the History and Origins of Christmas Traditions, you’ve found the right place.

We have details about lots of different Christmas Around the World as well as Family Christmas Traditions Ideas for you to start your own Christmas Customs for kids!

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Customs and Traditions at Christmastime are important to every family and every culture. Here at All Things Christmas we want you to have a Merry Christmas, by celebrating with us, and sharing all the Christmas Customs from all around the world.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Traditions


Some of the most important Christmas Traditions are the Fun Christmas Traditions we do each year on Xmas. Here you can Discover New Traditions or read about Old Christmas Customs from the past or simply learn more about different cultures and how they celebrate Christmas.

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Family Christmas Traditions

Top Tips To Save On Your Christmas Shopping

52% of Canadians say they spend more than they would like to over the holiday period. Christmas is about spending time with family and loved ones above anything else, but for most people it involves a festive feast, gift-giving and turning the home into a magical grotto. This costs can add up without realizing how much you’re spending. Homemade gifts and decorations  help to limit spending while adding a personal touch, but with a bit of planning you can save some cash in the stores as well. Shopping Online Nearly $1billion in Canadian Christmas spending is expected to shift from in-store purchases to online, making it…

Family Christmas Traditions

Family Christmas Photoshoot with Splento

All of our family portraits have always happened around Christmastime, it's just so easy to get a few snaps of us, and then grab as many adorable Christmas themed photos of our daughter. Our first was when Lydia was only a few months old, and the second was when she was about two and a half. Some of the best photos were from that photoshoot, but it's been nearly three years later and so it was high time that we got another set done. Since moving to the UK we were at a loss for how or where to book…

Christmas Around the World

Going Away for Christmas isn’t for Everyone

In December 2016, we decided to go away for Christmas to try and catch some winter sun. Our son was coming up for three years of age and we figured it would be the last chance we had before he would start fretting about Santa being able to find us. We booked a week-long all-inclusive hotel in Tenerife and looked forward to some sun on our bones. We were departing on the 23rd December and returning on the 30th. We figured we could enjoy the week and then do our Christmas on New Years Eve and Day as if they…

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Traditions and Customs of Germany

From Japan to Germany, countries around the world have their unique traditions and customs surrounding the Christmas holiday season. While spending Christmas away from your home country may sound daunting, you can rest assured that you’ll find a new way to celebrate, no matter where you are, and if you’re in Germany, you’ll be in for a real treat. Check out the Christmas history and traditions of Germany to know how to celebrate. Christmas Markets With the Christmas season in Germany comes the fantastic Christmas markets. Find all the fun gifts, artisan crafts, and sweet treats, like stollen, roasted almonds,…