Christmas Fun and Games

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Christmas Fun and Games

Etsy Christmas Mystery Box Review

A few months ago I reviewed my favourite subscription box, My Christmas Crate. Shortly after I started to go through withdrawl! In this YouTube video I explain my quest to find an UK alternative to this amazing Christmas Subscription box, and unbox two of the Etsy Surprise boxes I bought.  FYI: I received a £50 Etsy Gift card at a Christmas in July promotional event. I used it to purchase these items, which I chose myself. But first, if you have not yet - please Subscribe! Here are the full details and review of both boxes. CallabyCrafts Christmas Stationary Mystery…

Christmas in July

The Wonder of Christmas – A Poem by Santa Claus

We couldn't be more excited to share with you today a wonderful video sent to us directly from the North Pole. Although it's just past the half-way point to Christmas, we are full of the Christmas Spirit. Not only because we're counting down the days till the festive season, but also because we really do try to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our everyday lives. The optimism, joy and good-will-towards-men feelings that come out especially at Christmas are wonderful ideals to keep in mind the whole year long. With that in mind we have a special treat -…

Christmas Fun and Games

The Best Christmas Themed Games to Play Online Anytime of the Year

Who says you need to wait until December to feel the Christmas spirit. You can get into the spirit of things today if you felt the mood arise. We know we love to watch Christmas blockbusters all year long to feel just a little bit closer to the festive season. And luckily for us, each day truly brings us closer to eggnog, Santa Clause, presents and mistletoe! However, until Christmas day does eventually arrive, we went on a hunt for something else, something other than Xmas blockbusters, something you can carry with you on your mobile device, we found an…

Christmas Fun and Games

The Best Gift for Gamers & Win an Xbox Game Pass

Recently, my five year old daughter has started playing Video Games on a proper console (not just apps on her tablet). She has watched my husband play several versions of Zelda, and just started to play some of the Lego Video games as well. I'm constantly impressed at the appeal of video games to kids, and adults - it's such a popular Hobby! Video Games are one of the most Popular item to give for Christmas, so instead of picking up just one or two games, why not give your Gamer more than 100? So if you have a 5…