A few months ago I reviewed my favourite subscription box, My Christmas Crate. Shortly after I started to go through withdrawl!

In this YouTube video I explain my quest to find an UK alternative to this amazing Christmas Subscription box, and unbox two of the Etsy Surprise boxes I bought.  FYI: I received a £50 Etsy Gift card at a Christmas in July promotional event. I used it to purchase these items, which I chose myself.

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Here are the full details and review of both boxes.

CallabyCrafts Christmas Stationary Mystery Box

Of the two, this was the one I was slightly disappointed in, which is funny because it’s the one that actually has photos of the contents within the Etsy listing. The box was comprised almost entirely of washi tape, although I do very much like the stickers – they were obviously bulk ordered from Asia and redistributed.

In fact, not a single thing within this box was handmade, or personally designed, it was all just repackaged. If you’re looking for a variety box of Christmas tapes and stickers though, this is the box for you – just not for me. Not really worth the £16.20 I paid for it.

Wink Design Xmas UK Mystery Box

Now THIS is a mystery box. Not only do I feel like I got my £20.00 worth, I was super impressed with the quality and quantity of everything within this box. All of the items were created/designed by Wink Design UK, which must have been leftover stock from Christmas last year (or the year before – I don’t care it’s REALLY CHRISTMASSY).

Not to mention very British! (Sprouts, Post Box, Gin, the phrase ‘Happy Christmas‘). I was super impressed with everything I got in this box (as you can tell from the video) and would happily order again for another set of different Wink Design Christmas items (maybe I’ll wait till the new year once they’ve refreshed their 2019 stock).

So, while I am still on the hunt for a perfect replacement for My Christmas Crate – at least for now I am happy.

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