One of the best things about running a Christmas Community is being able to see Christmas decorations from people all over the world. Every now and again someone will share a few photos that really blow you away, and recently I had the pleasure of seeing some photos of the decorations by the Joyce family and could not resist sharing them.

To start with, there are about 20 trees, but Thomas tells me that sometimes they put up over 30. “There’s always the family tree with family heirloom ornaments. That’s the main tree. There’s the horse tree, Hallmark tree, farm animal tree, peacock tree, fruit tree, gold tree- all the ornaments are from the Danbury mint.”

One of my favourite details of the decoration is the upside-down tree above the dining table – just stunning.

Thomas told me more about the Christmas Villages (yes, plural) that they put up. “There’s 3 villages, the largest is the department 56 Christmas in the City, about 100 buildings. We’ve gotten about 20 more buildings this summer though! We have The North Pole with about 30 buildings and the Thomas Kinkade village.”


You might wonder how there’s space for all these amazing decorations? “We remove most of our furniture and clear off every shelf and cabinet from our 1886 house, to make room!” And how many people get the chance to actually see this stunning decor? Luckily, they are starting to share with the neighbours… “Last year we started opening our house a couple weekends to raise money for Friends of Noah, an animal rescue group. We’re doing it again this year.”

I want to thank Thomas so much for sharing these wonderful photos, and hope everyone will think about making a donation to their charity of choice – Friends of Noah Wisconsin.

If you have really impressive or unique Christmas Decorations, please get in touch, we’d love to feature you here on AllThingsChristmas!