Christmas Tree Decorations

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations & Retro Ideas

When looking at a Vintage Christmas Tree or traditional Christmas tree decorations, we think back to the Christmases of our childhoods. For lots of people this nostalgia is at the very heart of their spirit of Christmas, and is a major part of their Christmas Traditions. We have below some of the best examples of Vintage Christmas Tree decorations, and Vintage Tree inspiration so you can recreate your favourite Traditional Christmas Tree from the past and be the center of your Vintage Decor at Christmastime. Below you'll find the ornaments, trimmings and decorations that will make your tree just like…

Christmas Movies & Television

Best Classic Christmas Movies

There's nothing quite like watching a few Classic Christmas Movies over the Holidays to get you into the Christmas Spirit. Here we run down a few of our favourite Classic Christmas movies, and where you can watch them online. If you're in a marathon mood, check out our full Christmas Movies section for more ideas for holiday films! White Christmas White Christmas is probably the best Christmas movie of all-time. It's got amazing singing and dancing numbers, some romance, a little drama and a lot of fantastic humour. Not to mention the largest tinsel-covered Christmas Trees seen on stage. I'm…

Christmas Decorations

Our Favourite Vintage Christmas Decorations

There's just something about the mid-twentieth century and it's abundance of nostalgia which makes us love Vintage Christmas Decorations. For anyone who grew up in the 1950s, of had parents that grew up in the 1950s (which is basically everyone), there are simply unmistakable decorations from this time period that make us all feel like kids again. Here we cover some of the most iconic decorations from the 50s, 60s and 70s. If you love Vintage Christmas decor and Retro Christmas style, we have a full list of some of our favourite Vintage Xmas Decorations and where you can buy…