When looking at a Vintage Christmas Tree or traditional Christmas tree decorations, we think back to the Christmases of our childhoods. For lots of people this nostalgia is at the very heart of their spirit of Christmas, and is a major part of their Christmas Traditions. We have below some of the best examples of Vintage Christmas Tree decorations, and Vintage Tree inspiration so you can recreate your favourite Traditional Christmas Tree from the past and be the center of your Vintage Decor at Christmastime.

Below you’ll find the ornaments, trimmings and decorations that will make your tree just like the ones you remember, here are some great tips and ideas to make the best retro Christmas tree.

Our Favourite Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations

Vintage Christmas Custom Ornaments

Custom ornaments made by stainless steel and gold brass are also an integral part of a vintage Christmas tree. This metal ornament was very popular in old times. You can customize a unique vintage ornament according to your personal preference! The delicate shapes and quality materials make it collectable, keeping your Christmas memories with your family or friends forever.

Vintage Christmas Lights

The most important part of a Christmas Tree is definitely the lights. One of the most nostalgic aspects of vintage Christmas Trees is the glow that the warm lights give off – sometimes people don’t enjoy the newer LED lights as much because they miss the vintage feel of old lights. Not only that but the sizing of Vintage Christmas Tree lights are entirely different than modern lights.

The vintage Christmas lights you probably remember are either C7’s or C9’s. Maybe you had clear glass or frosted glass. All of these options are still available today – and what’s lucky is that we can now get all the vintage Christmas lights styles (and more) with LED technology which uses a lot less energy (and creates a lot less heat).

Here are a few examples of Vintage Christmas Tree Lights: Original Vintage Frosted C7 Bulbs, Vintage Frosted C9 Bulbs and the ever-popular Bubble Lights.

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations - Lights Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations - Lights Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations - Lights
Playing on the nostalgia of these originals, it’s become very popular to recreate these styles with new technology, below are brand-new items (not vintage), that offer the same style, but with modern technology. So no matter which vintage style you’re looking for you should be able to find a modern alternative.

 Christmas Tree Decorations - LED Lights Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations - Lights LED Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations
[amazon_link asins=’B0069VHJ8A,B004EF5RHI,B004P3NV1I’ template=’ATCAmazon’ store=’allthingsch0e-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ef49c72a-6578-11e7-87c4-9f2646685a9b’]

Not sure of which lights to get, how many or sizing info? Check out the Beginners Guide to Christmas Lights!

Antique Christmas Ornaments

The ideal Vintage Christmas Tree decorations are certainly Shiny Brite flocked and indented ornaments. Shiny Brite has been relaunched and while you can still get the originals on sites like Etsy and eBay, you can also buy the newer reproductions too. Nevertheless these have to be some of the best antique Christmas tree decorations ever. These vintage christmas glass ornaments were traditionally made in Germany.

Original Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments
Vintage Christmas Decorations - Shiny Brite 1 

Modern Reproductions of Shiny Brites’ Vintage Christmas Balls

[amazon_link asins=’B013VVBH8S,B01IWDYFHA,B01M30D4X5,B00EL5FT3S’ template=’ATCAmazon-IMG’ store=’allthingsch0e-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8997ae3a-61c5-11e7-a62a-27491883b4f7′]

You might also be familiar with a style of blown glass and Mercury Glass. Vintage Christmas Tree decorations like these are more old-world style and you can get modern recreations of them as well.

More Retro Christmas Tree Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Tree Tinsel

There’s something about this decoration that everyone loved at the time, in the 1950s if you could see any green (aside from the silver/gold) you hadn’t put enough on! If you can believe it, there’s still some original Tinsel and Tinsel Garlands available to purchase in vintage shops online. These have to be the king of cheap vintage decorations that stood the test of time.

But of course, it’s a lot less expensive to buy the stuff new, online, since it’s basically disposable.

[amazon_link asins=’B002SAPUNW,B015QU5ES6,B00D8MKNWW,B01MQ2R9PS’ template=’ATCAmazon-IMG’ store=’allthingsch0e-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d3a3a7cb-657b-11e7-9c74-4343bf9b79a4′]

Vintage Christmas Tree Topper

Maybe your family used a star, or an Angel, but for most there was the iconic topper that combined all of the elements above, with lights and tinsel.

Here are a few examples of the Vintage Christmas Tree Topper that I think is perfect for a Retro Christmas Tree:

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations - Topper  Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations - Topper Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations - Topper
Whichever your had in your youth, or perhaps you remember from your Grandparents house – you are lucky enough to enjoy a classic vintage style and just like all of our favourite vintage tree ornaments and decorations, newer modern version are available too:

[amazon_link asins=’B004DLY25Q,B012HMJF90,B00EFBK1U4,B00OZZ0L32′ template=’ATCAmazon-IMG’ store=’allthingsch0e-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0cc27f58-657d-11e7-bfae-e365d52aa331′]

Old Fashioned Santa Ornaments

If you’re looking for some special Santa ornaments, and you want to keep a vintage Christmas style – I highly suggest finding some flocked Santa Figurines like the ones below. Although they may be hard to come by nowadays, you could also adorn your Retro Christmas Tree with antique-looking decorations or German glass-blown ornaments too, see a few examples below.

[amazon_link asins=’B07868KJVZ,B00157YL8Y,B0067LYOMQ,B01GKX9UFG’ template=’ATCAmazon-IMG’ store=’allthingsch0e-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’897c48e5-5174-11e8-a521-05c89a2fb919′]

 What do you think makes the perfect Vintage Tree? Let us know!

Vintage Christmas Decorations - Pin